Fall discount on resin bases !


Fall arrived and now that’s time to watch your miniatures feet…

Enjoy our exceptional promotion on all the resin bases !
30% discount if you enter promo code basix upon ordering

Offer runs until December the 31st

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Here are the new releases for Eden !

Here are the new releases for Eden the post apocalyptic skirmishes game !

Jack and Jericho : resistance fighters
Come as pre assembled plastic miniatures with both Eden and Escpae profile cards

Sister Clara : Black order Matriarch
Ideal recruit to buff up your slaves !

Ir Klajh : elite nephilim warrior who will fly easily to crush your foes

Khelike Thousand Souls
A mean Bamaka sorceress who will summon the ancestors wrath !

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Taban Miniatures à Octogones – Lyon ce WE !

Ce WE venez nous retrouver nombreux à l’Espace Tête d’Or, Lyon pour le salon Octogones 2014 !

Au programme : Démonstrations du jeu Eden, présentation des figurines studio et des nouveautés de Septembre octobre !

Les survivants de passage seront les bienvenus pour nous aider à présenter le jeu et recevront des figurines en récompense de leur apocalyptique soutient !

-Vente de la gamme Eden avec remise salon exceptionnelle de 15% et des exclusivités :Condottiere, Pré-sorties des figurines additionnelles Escape pour ceux qui n’ont que la boite de base

- Ventes des gammes Heldorado et Anima avec les dernières nouveautés Cipher : Abezeth, Gear Mark Trimethius (et remise salon de 15%)

- Ventes des accessoires Hobby Army Painter et Microart studio avec des super remises 25% !

-Packs Aéro double action et jeu color warz !




Escape et Eden à Orléans ce WE !

Ce Week end retrouvez Eden au festival Orléans Joue !
Démonstrations du jeu (ainsi que de Escape) et toute la gamme chez notre partenaire Bella Ciao (dont la figurine exclusive du Condottiere !)
Egalement en préview 2 des news Eden de Septembre !!


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Super Summer Deals !


Its summer time and we all have more time for the hobby !


In order to celebrate, Taban Miniatures carries 2 SPECIAL OPS this month of August:


 - 20% discount over all our webstoreproducts! (use ‘beach14’ promo code upon ordering)

-  Vouchers granted by your friends purchases (10% of their order value !) :
step 1 : you order this month (and get -20% promo)
step 2 : you recommend our website / special operation to one (or several) gaming mates.
Step 3 : they order from us in august (and drop a comment stating your name)


Your friends will get 5 free textured bases in their order, and we will send you a voucher code valued at 10% of your friend’s order amount


These offers only apply in August 2014 : hurry up !


Note that they are cumulative wirh our regular deals :
FREE SHIPPING to UK, US, Australia and many other countries, Free shipping in continental EEU above 60€ purchases
PERMANENT DISCOUNTS based on your orders history : total ordered amount since your account creation (2,5%<100€, 5%<200€, 7,5%<500€, 10%<1000€ and 15% above 2000€….)

Spread the word :)


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Summer Break



German Eden downloads

Here are all the german cards for the game Eden !!

You can download the Jpg files by clickin on the icons below (updated links !!!) :

AskarisClan BamakaConvoiISCJokers

La HordeMatriarcatNephilimsResistanceCombattants non joueur

Cartes Missions et cartes Tactiq

and also the Mercenaries featuring for the first time the german version of Alisha and the Condotierre !


Eden June/July 2014 releases


Take advantage of your summer break to strengthen your warband with :

Marvin & Oshoku

Double blister pack including Marvin for the résistance and the Yellow Oshoku for the ISC. Models come with both Eden and Escape profiles !

Hk'Hyudn Hk’Hyudn

A cute “little” Néphilim , 50mm tall that will beat them up’ …to 3 times per turn

Elkelb Askari Elkelb Askari

Also romantinc, this Askari puppy brimming with rage !

Zone Contaminée  Contaminated area

And to disolve your foes in style, this great resin contaminated area !


Inferno Pre orders




Escape stock arrived at Taban’s warehouse

Here we go (at last) !
After weeks of stuggle with the EEU custom and our Dutch forwarder, the Escape stock has arrived at our warehouse 

We will start packing and shipping both Kickstarter pledges and regular customer orders  (Ecape box and Puppet master) tomorrow morning.
Our goal is to dispatch everything within 2 weeks.

We will keep everyone informed individually as his products are shipped



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