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To celebrate the Escape Kickstarter, I thought of doing a step-by-step painting of Duncan. Just the regular version, though.

I'm not the greatest of painters but I am somewhat competent and have been painting for well over 20 years, so hopefully this is of use to someone.

So here goes.

First of all, the base. I'm doing it the same as all my Eden fighters:

[Image: fbj76q.jpg]

White milliput and random objects stuck to it. Blush
Here we have small rocks, a metal disc and a metal washer, a bit of cork and a bit of a sprue with "20" on it (from Duncan's tab, I think). You don't need glue, since white milliput sticks to stuff extremely hard.

Then I drill holes into Duncan's soles, and pin him to the base. After that, I glue on fine sand all over the base.

I use gerbil bathing sand. It's very cheap, very fine and it's a bit clay-like in that when it gets moist (due to the glue) it clumps.

Then it's time for the undercoat. I use a white spray. Actually from GW, since I've never had problems with their sprays and, though a bit expensive, the can undercoats a load of minis, so the savings aren't all that much, really, per mini.

I use white because I want a vibrant orange for the Resistance coveralls and it's a lot easier to get that over white than over anything else, really.

So here's how he looks all in white:
[Image: 2mc6rld.jpg]

Next I'll be doing the metals.
OK, so then something a bit more exciting, hopefully: the metals.

First of all, the undercoat makes a lot of difference when it comes to metals. For gold it's super-critical, but it affects steel as well. White undercoat makes for bright but somewhat listless metal. Black makes for a lot darker, grimier look.

My preference is GW's Charadon Granite. It's a dark, greyish brown and makes for for a lively metal. So I simply coat all the metal parts with a layer of it:

[Image: 2cxw2g5.jpg]

Then, I paint all the metal parts GW Boltgun Metal. I like to use a dark metal colour here. Some Charadon granite can be left showing - it looks like oxidization and gives the metal some interest.

[Image: 2j50thy.jpg]

Nothing special here, really. Then a black wash. I use Army Painter Dark Tone but GW's Badab Black or Nuln Oil works just as well. A strong wash is good, so put it on quite heavily emphasizing the crevices.

[Image: xcb5x.jpg]

Then it's time to do the fun stuff. If you look at metal, it has all these cool reflections and grime and stuff. So give the metal several thinned out washes. I used dark brown (Army Painter Strong Tone) to give the grime. Note that I'm not going for a rusty look, since Resistance isn't about rust but brown is fine. Rust isn't reflective, so brown wash over the metal won't look like rust but rather like oil.

Then, I put green on the high parts and into the grilles (GW Thraka Green) and purple onto low parts (GW Leviathan Purple). Here less is more though I might've been a bit over cautious. Ever so slightly more would've been perfect, but I'm rather happy with the result.

[Image: dc4yev.jpg]

You can see the green and the purple especially well on the container on his back and the purple shows on the drill nicely.

Now, after all this, the metal has lost it's luster. So we want to add that back. Drybrush of Boltgun metal and then a very light drybrush of Mithril Silver gives the metal back the glint. I don't drybrush things other than metal and sometimes fur. For metal, it gives a nice brushed look that makes it look lively. This is also why I do metals first, since they can be a bit messy.

[Image: 317cwa9.jpg]

And we're done.

Next up - basecoating the mini. I'm tomorrow in Vampire: the Eternal Struggle CCG's Finnish championships, so expect the next installment on Sunday.
Very nice guide. It should help some people!
it's look good and i think that i will try it, bacause -i hope- next week i will start paint my DuncanSmile and i would like to do similar base, so thanks the tipSmile
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