Full Version: Dealing with Taban question?
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Hey all, I'm currently dealing with a slight problem and I'm curious if it's the usual fair... A while back I ordered "Sabaka" for the Bamaka faction and got sent a French card with the promise of an English one soon to come (I don't speak/read French). After three months of chasing I got sent an "Abama" card which is a bit, well, useless as I already have one (got it with the starter box). Is this sort of thing usual or have I encountered a bit of an exceptional problem? I've ordered from Taban a few times before and this feels exception, but its hard to tell...
Not sure, though I'm in the same boat. I received a French Sister Alena card and emailed them about it. I received a response the next day saying they'd ship a new one out, so I'll keep you updated on whether or not I actually get it.
I got a confirmation that they sent it out last week, so it seems to be good to me?
Will confirm when it actually arrives though.
And it arrived.

I'd say Taban Miniatures make good on their customer support.
Nice! Yes, I had good experience with their support, too!
Thanks for the good and bad feedbacks alike.

We do our best to answer all the post sales issues (and to prevent them from occuring of course)

Know that we are a small editor, and are often overhelmend by work and emails.

If your mails are not answered, keep on asking !
We will gladly send any missing part or card at no cost for our customers


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