Full Version: Demo advice needed
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Running a demo at my club tonight.

Any advice?

1. Let the Wookie win
For the first game play without the special rules on the back of the character cards and without tactical and mission cards. That is the way we did demos at the Spiel. Everyone will focus on the basic rules and learn them very easily.
I did it like this:

I did use the abilities, but only when they became important. I would also suggest picking models without all that many abilities - Jokers and Bamakas are good for this, for example. Or go with Kamaro's suggestion, which will work fine also.

I've found Eden to be extremely easy to demo and get a very enthsiastic response. If possible, demo for two people at a time.
Thanks guys the demo went really well. Now doubled our Eden players from 2 to 4.
All right! Congrats on a job well done Smile
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