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According to the french board, mohand stated that the new miniatures in february will include:

Askaris, Nephilim, Jokers, ISC, The Hord

No pictures, yet ^^
Ooh, thank you for letting us know! That's not a bad line-up - strangely I'm most intrigued by the new ISC even though I don't really play them.
It looks like there's a green neko on the way for the ISC.
Looking at the forked tail I'll guess that it's based on a neko mata, soul-stealing necromantic cat spirits from Japan.
[Image: 194_iscneko.jpg]

For me it looks like an inbreed from Grey Kitsune and Valor.
New concept up on the Eden homepage...
[Image: 195_askariscorpion.jpg]
Really like the look of that Green Neko. Should be an absolutely lovely sculpt. As for the Askari - it's a bit out there and certainly hard to make look good but if they manage it, it could be glorious.
[Image: 196_oleg-1.jpg]

Here comes the first miniature for the February release wave, Oleg.

This Joker fighter has been painted by Alexandre "Jinn" Rosini.

The other miniatures are coming soon !
[Image: 197_em-tydoh-1.jpg]

Here comes Em Tydoh, a new fighter for the Nephilims !
I'm not convinced by Oleg (the... flaming? thing in his hand looks weird and his pose is strange) but I really like Em. That's a very cool pose and all in all he looks really cool.
I'm loving the Green Neko

[Image: 199_neko-1.jpg]
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