Full Version: Have you ever built a list using less than 100 points?
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I realized that I have never done so before. But I was thinking of the following for a tournament:


95 points total

Alice allows Duncan to use his Electro-Static Pulse for more turns, Lloyd and Ducan love said Pulse and Jimmy and Valor make for a really, really durable duo. I could drop Jimmy and Valor and Take Ashton instead for maximizing Pulse, but I feel that having five models gives me more options.

So yeah, have you done lists with less than 100 points? Well, likely 95 points since I believe that 10 points gets you something in all factions (Mercenary Flash, at least).
Yeah, I've had it happen in Convoy and Jokers before, but generally, I try my best to avoid it. As the erratas have come in and more and more options are available, it really doesn't have to happen anymore. I don't really think you lose very much.
Jeah I've played with this list for several games:

Clan Bamaka (95pts)

Abama Fettsack (20pts)
Folayan Schlitzbauch (10pts)
Sabaka Klumpfuß (Chaka) (50pts)
Zaafarani Scharfzunge (15pts)

And it did very well. I think 5 points are not that big of a deal in Eden. On the other hand if you play in a tournament, you will maybe encounter a lot of maxed out lists, so 5 points "could" mean a lot, but personally I don't think so
I like that Bamaka list! I might try replacing Zaafarani with Dhambizao but it's not necessarily better that way.
Also, Fettsack is awesome as a German name Big Grin

I tested the list yesterday in a practice game and it worked as I thought - I was essentially invulnerable.

It's an extremely powerful list (won't be using it outside of tournaments, I think) - I've been iterating the list (never lost a game with various versions, but their effectiveness has varied) and this was the first time I went under 100 points and I feel that this one is the best.
I'm glad that you like the list. It is extremely powerful!
Have you used Dhambizao instead?
Which faction used your opponent? I need more details!!! Big Grin

Too bad Folayan got nerfed but I like her abilities way too much.

Have you tested your Resistance list? I have never had a game with Resistance models, but now that I have the Escape Set I might give them a try!

And jeah, Fettsack is nice Big Grin
I look at that Bamaka list and I just start thinking: "What can I swap Abama for?"

Really? I think Abama is a beast ^^
He's a tank, that's for sure, but I'm not sure he offers all that much otherwise. Bamaka have some of the best low cost supports in the game - I just want more from him than soaking hits.
With CBT 4 I think he is not only a tank. You are underestimating him, he is one of the best models ingame Tongue
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