Full Version: December News: A new faction called Dante's Angels
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Taban seem to keeping to their tradition of releasing something big in December - a new Faction.

[Image: 10848016_276533415803664_400576177176408...940316b138]

The VIG stat is interesting to say the least. She is quite squishy but stealing AP is huge and her good SPD should keep her somewhat safe. She is an excellent bully terrorizing enemies with low CBT dodging their attack, stealing their AP and keeping them to base to base.

Oh, and killing and eating them as well!

A very nice design, I think. Dante's Angels also have a special rule that allows Jokers and Matriarchy to hire one (just one) Angel into a crew and the Angel changes faction to match.
I am liking the look of them for sure. Got me excited about Eden again after falling somewhat away from it.
I think Lilith is the most interesting model in the set, partially due to her history with the Matriarchy.
A "traditional" post-apocalyptic biker gang is a nice change of pace from the weirder Nephilim and Askaris. And the sculpts are looking fantastic!

I'm just slightly worried about how they'll handle the bike - I hope it's going to be big enough (unlike the Askari Scorpion).
And here's the next two:

[Image: 1384275_276721359118203_4103109980036674...e=550D7CB2]
Head is his weak point but other than that, a very solid profile. SPD value is a bit low to compensate the very high CBT. A very nice design!

[Image: 1510651_276877465769259_1313243025186762...e=550DB03C]
That's a really long-ranged gun! Quite squishy but he can keep his distance. The CBT thing is fun - very different from the Matriarchy slave with the same ability simply due to the battlefield role. Very nice!
They're all looking lovely so far. It's going to be hard to resist buying these...
I like the biker and Lilith. I think I get my hands on the starter set and see how well they do but I won't start another faction. Anybody got a starter already?
Not yet, but today's concept art is really tempting me.
You mean Lamas? Maybe we should start another topic for the February release ^^
(01-22-2015 11:20 AM)Kamaro Wrote: [ -> ]You mean Lamas? Maybe we should start another topic for the February release ^^
Yep, Avril Lavigne with a chainsaw Heart
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