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I'm not super fond of the BDSM theme, but I do like the Red Order Sisters a lot, so started a small Matriarchy force. The first mini I painted for them is Torture-man:

[Image: nbwz6w.jpg]

He likes long walks on the beach (after the fall of civilization) and being called Little Red Riding Hood. Nothing special, really, but I did have fun painting the skin and the fireman's axe turned out somewhat OK.

Comments and criticism are super welcome.
Looks nice. Looking forward to see more of your stuff Smile
Nice ! and I was glad to see your Torture-man on the french forum, by the way Wink
Little tip : don't hesitate to highlight the skin more. I usually start with Tallarn flesh, for exemple, some shade (Ogryn flesh does the trick) and then I make up to three, four highlights, mixing my TF with Elf Flesh (Game color), up to pure Elf flesh on some parts.
Hope that helps !
Thank you for the feedback!

And yeah, I should highlight more, though, funnily enough, I actually did use the exact formula you suggested, basically (though I used Rackham flesh colour as the first highlight and then Elf Flesh as the final highlight - my highlighting tends to involve less mixing and more dilution than other people's styles). Harsher shadows and highlights is doubly important for such a simple mini (colours-wise) and would've emphasized the character of the model (a bruiser) - point well taken. Thank you!

Currently I'm painting Magdalene, hopefully I'll manage to finish her this weekend.
I do like him, nice work Lemminkäinen!
The fire axe looks very natural and I so does the skin Smile
Looking forward for the next mini!
Thank you!

I didn't quite manage to finish Magdalene during the weekend, but did get much further along with her. Basically just some highlighting to do (my favourite part Smile) and some details (going to go with pink ribbons).
Pink ribbons are essential ! Wink
Finally, here she is. This time I didn't seal the mini before showing it, so I can still fix stuff.

[Image: rlx8a9.jpg]

She likes pinks ribbons, gardening* and ponies. The end result is surprisingly messy now that I look at it in the pics. In hand it doesn't look quite so dirtied up but I dunno, post-apocalypse is probably supposed to be less than squeky clean.

* Especially cutting down very tall weeds. That's her favourite part in gardening.
Another one done. Well, almost done, as the pics reveal a couple of places that seriously need some cleaning.

Anyway, here's Ditta:

[Image: 1zqzkmd.jpg]

She likes masquerades, dancing and durable underwear. My favourite mini of the line and she was reasonably fun to paint, though those million studs were sorta annoying, since metal paints going even a tiny bit amiss leads to a mess. The end result isn't spectacular but I suppose I can take her out to a game and not feel ashamed Smile
Great work Lemm, especially like your bases. Simple but effective.
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