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Hey ho Folks....

after i introduced myself in the Comunitythread i also want to introduce my work...

Here´s my brandnew Securitybot... (i really love this little Robot ^^)

[Image: e47gului.jpg]

[Image: vyk83tjs.jpg]

[Image: pdvmdfay.jpg]

Think, he will be heavy used in upcomig Battles, and because of his Rules he will create lots of Trouble ^^

Hope, you like him...

Greetz Wiking
Looking great! It is suitably battered but you've kept the brightness to the yellow that works really nicely.
very nice!
Excellent work sir, working with yellow can be a chore but you've pulled this off fantastically. Look forward to seeing more stuff!
I love it, well executed!
I just love that little guy Smile
I am happy and excited about it.Thanx alot for this nice post.Dodgy


I wanted to give them a sort of albino look. At first I thought making the eyes pink, but in the end thought that black eyes pop sac longchamp pas cher better. The hair is weird orange brown with some purple in the shadows and highlights.
Hey Guys well i think that nice pic and post.Thanks!!
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