Full Version: (first) Resistance Groupshot
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Hey Folks....

Here a little Sneak Peak of the Resistance Forces i actually painted. Will be Part of an Game Testing Article in the Magazine "Tabletop Insider" (only availiable in Germany)

[Image: m99qspz7.jpg]

after Release i´ll post more Pictures!

Greetz Wiking
Oh, they look great! This is a funny coincidence. On my painting desk are the same miniatures right now.

I look forward to a few close ups. Can you give a short description how you did the lightning? Now I long a little bit more for the next TTI.

Best regards

I do like them, looking forward for more!
Awesome, I actually thought they were the studio mini's at first!
Wow love the paint job, Hope to see some close up shots.
I see no pictures.....?

edit: Ah wait, there they are! Also just realised I've posted already. Ah well. Still, good work!
wow nice jobSmile
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