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Hi all, just received my Patriot (Lovely fig too), sadly it's missing its groin/hip part does anyone know how I can go about getting the part from Taban?
Thanks Sns
I suggest emailing Taban (Contact information can be found here: ) but they might be having a holiday currently, so it might take a while - not sure.
Will do, thanks
Heh, I just realized that my Patriot is also missing the same part. Hopefully it didn't happen to all blisters.
I think it might be a batch problem, I sent my first one back and the replacement was missing the same part. I've not heard anything yet from Taban, please let me know if you do.
Will do. Though bummer about it being a batch problem Sad
Me too i.e. missing bit for legs to fit into, its a great looking robot.

I will email taban asap
all sorted. part on the way :-)
Have you received confirmation? I've not even had my message aknowleged
yes , part on the way
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