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November is upon us, and so are the next wave for Eden.
We'll start slowly with the resculpt of two of the first Black Order sisters, based on these sketches :
[Image: 148_matriarcatnews.jpg]

Some more are coming up Smile
ISC concept art from the French forums:

[Image: thorpe11.jpg]
And more love for the Resistance, apparently (yay!):

[Image: 22374110.jpg]

Certainly an interesting look.
Those looks great!
Amazing! Think I'll end up getting Matriarchy after all.
Apparently the last new release this month is going to be for the Hord. Which makes me happy Smile
Bah, I want more Jokers! Smile
For the Hord:

[Image: 599061_294700487296176_354238601_n.jpg]

Absolutely incredible looking! I love, love, love this one.
And to keep you waiting (the minis' pictures should be online soon, and available within a week, so don't hesitate to harass your local retailer Wink), here are some infos :
Yliss, nothing new except the sculpt.
Ilona, loses the 'Aura of courage' and gets the 'Perfect guard' ability, like the Blue Ashigaru (only it affects the Slaves instead of the Drones, and herself of course).
Jason, a new Pilot, who can take control of left-over Robot. And he can deploy little tactical aerial units to mess up with mission markers.
Blue Henro, 35 points, nice overall stats 6-5-5-5 and abilities (one being 'Command', others are new, like one targeting an allied Drone and making it use its PSI stat instead of VIG the next time it performs a passive reaction).
Flesh master, a new Degenerate Dominant, he gets stronger when wounded and has an ability preventing the use of others SP based abilities around him.
Full stats very soon Smile
Ooh, I very much like the sound of those. Thank you so much for posting these! Smile

Extremely excited for the Flesh Master and the change to Ilona sounds like a good one. Now all we need is a slave with a counter attack ability similar to Ditta's (the name of which escapes me at the moment - riposte?).
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