Full Version: Eorl's Bamaka Clan
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[Image: 3bhhz9ja.jpg]


[Image: fk4auic4.jpg]


[Image: r75ypv5c.jpg]

Jendayi Stealth Shadow:

[Image: 8ah443vx.jpg]


[Image: bijcg3s8.jpg]


[Image: i3c6dtcv.jpg]

Felindra Löwenkopf:

[Image: nxxmii65.jpg]

und 2 Missionsmarker:

[Image: j4uqyhaj.jpg]
Looking good, although i think your Resistance looks better Smile
I might agree with Sashgo, but then again I do prefer the Resistance over the Bamakas so it might be just that.
None the less, good work!
Sekongo Yelloweye:

[Image: 5gcpu5x3.jpg]

and a Lycal:

[Image: ffrrg4ra.jpg]
I have to say that the Lycal looks pretty cute Wink

Sekongo is nice as well Smile
These are fine minis as well! Sabaka looks very menacing and I love your take on Felindra. I really like how you've been changing the skin colours over the band - I guess Jendayi's is my favourite, but the differences make them look more lively for sure. Sekongo's skin is maybe a bit too close to the colour of his robes.

The mission markes are again very impressive. Lovely stuff all in all!

(12-07-2012 06:47 AM)Sashgo Wrote: [ -> ]I have to say that the Lycal looks pretty cute Wink
Haha, I though the same! I guess it's the nose Big Grin
New from the Bamaka Clan:

N'dulu Steelwing - N'dulu chuma mbawa

[Image: 2tfeoivb.jpg]
I really like him. Very strong face expression!
Ooh, he looks great! I love how you've painted the barrel - lots of fun hues - it certainly looks the part! And I agree with Sashgo in that the interplay between his expression and his gaze is perfect.

It might be the pic, but maybe a black wash for the chain and the saw blades? They seem to lack just a bit of definition.

I must say that I really enjoy your bases. they aren't super-cluttered, but very evocative and again I admire how you've used such a rich selection of different colours on them. Very nice!
Bakk und Dakkl:

[Image: di5s29b9.jpg]
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