Full Version: Dharks stroll through the apocalypse
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Hello everybody,

In this summer I’ve started with Eden. I just couldn’t resist the release of the Hord. So I convinced a few players of my gaming group and started with the Resistance and the Hord.

First I painted the starter of the Resistance:
[Image: DSCF4247_zps10e63caf.jpg]
They were great miniatures to paint. I tried to give them a little Fallout-Vault-Jumpsuit look.

Recently I managed to finish the first starter of the Hord:
[Image: DSCF4259_zpsaa5d8dde.jpg]
I loved painting these little fellows.

Now I look forward on painting the second starter of the Hord. Yesterday evening I primed them. Here a pic before priming:
[Image: DSCF4264_zps0b99daf2.jpg]
I like especialy the Lycals. I hope one day the hord will have more of them. Maybe the great Dominant Lycal? Fingers crossed!

For a tournament in Berlin in the beginning of February I have to hurry painting the second starter. I am a slow painter, you know.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Smile

Best regards

Good job! Looking forward for more of your stuff.

I really like the jumpsuits!
Ooh, the blue works fantastically for the Resistance! Especially love it on Courtney and the yellow trim looks just awesome on her! Really, really nice! I also like how you've managed the make the green glow look extremely glowy - how did you do it?

The Hord looks also very nice. A lovely skin colour! And the blood looks very real. Maybe darken the eyesockets a bit to make the eyes pop out more? Strangely in my set the Mireling was resin but yours is metal.

Your base work is also spectacular. The non-painted versions really make me appreciate what you're doing with them - I guess I'll need to try something like that as well.

Thank you for posting! Very inspiring stuff Smile
Hi Everybody,

Thank you, Lemm. Your words are to kind. Blush The bases are quite easy to make. They are just made out of cork from a cheap coaster and some rubbish from a broken watch. I like those big bases in skirmish games like EDEN.

At the beginning of February was a EDEN tournament at a local store. This was a great motivation to finish my second starter of the Horde.
[Image: DSCF4392.jpg]

So I already finished my third EDEN-starter. Here’s a picture of both of my finished Horde miniatures:
[Image: DSCF4393.jpg]
I’m quite proud of my little scavengers.

The tournament was great and really thrilling. I managed to achieve place 4 of 10. My most thrilling game was against Matriarchy. I have two pictures of that game. It was about a fresh spring in the center.
[Image: DSCF4356.jpg]
[Image: DSCF4358.jpg]

I look forward to your replies.

Best regards

Oh man, that Mireling is absolutely fantastic! So creepy! Sheesh. The eyes look positively scary and the blood drip on the hand is gorgeous. I also love how you've gone with hints of other colours on the skin like the red on the Lycals. Very effective. And the musculature work on the Chitinous Hound is very nicely done.

Love the action shots as well! Looks like a very tournie Smile
It looks great !
I especially like the masters, but like Lem', the Mireling looks really cool too Smile
And the little game photos are killer (and from the minis we can see, I bet it didn't end with a hugging contest) !
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