Full Version: Project: Askari [WIP]
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The flesh done. Pardon for the iPhone pic, but didn't have time to take a proper shot. The gloss will disappear with varnishing.
Look promising! Keep going Smile
Nice! An interesting unhealthy tone, which suits the sculpts very nicely.

A surprisingly good pic for a phone, btw.

What kind of a colour scheme have you been thinking for the clothes?
Probably something similar to my old Dirz - red and ivory for the cloth, leather parts with black, metal parts with NMM steel and bronze.

Okay, not exactly Askari, but more of a test on airbrushing. I still need to work on my technique, but it came out somewhat ok and will be better after shading. I was too hasty and parts of the skin didn't have enough time to dry, but I'll probably do skin the old-fashioned way anyway.

None work done with a regular brush on this image. Masking done with blu-tack (should have realised this one ages ago).

Large surfaces could be done with an airbrush, shaded and then detail highlighting with a regular brush.
Looks good Smile
I'm looking forward to the Askaris with your personnal color scheme.

Airbrushing done and shaded the airbrushed parts. Shading killed the highlights, but they'll be easy to restore (if my skills haven't deteriorated over the years). Lights again poor in this image, I'll promise to take proper pics from the finished minis.

Resin minis are fiddly to mask with blu-tack and these are extremely fragile. I've managed to snap both shafts of the halberds and one of the blades, also I managed to snap and subsequently lose one of the knife blades and had to create a new one from a piece of thick plastic.

Hopefully the highlighting will give these minis the contrast they desperately need - currently they look mostly indistinct brown...
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