Full Version: No answer to my e-mails!!!
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Hello everyone.

My last order (24/01/13) has not arrived yet. I sent five e-mails but received no answer. Anyone else the same trouble? Is there a problem with Taban? As an old customer I am truly disappointed with this total lack of communication.
Hello !
It can happen, sometimes Taban doesn't keep track of e-mail confirmations, though the the order has been taken care of.
The fact that you didn't receive anything after a month is more of a problem, I'll check with him (send me a copy of your order and such via PM) and keep you informed.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks a million for the lightning quick reply. I am sending the PM asap.

And still no solution to the problem... Huh
Taban told me he took care of your order this week, so you should receive it soon enough Smile
Contact me if something goes awry.
Okay, I`'ve the same Problem. I order

Order Date: Tuesday 21 October, 2014

Get no Mini - and no Answer - I send nearly 6 e-mails. Sad
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