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Hi all

As I mentioned in a separate thread I have recently picked up the Horde starter (Broodmaster) along wiht the Fleshmaster. My next purchase will be the Butcher. New models are easy enough but...

...what about the mission and tactical cards? In the starter I only received two missions and two tactical cards and I'm craving more variety. The website has a mission card pack and tacical and token set to purchase but is marked "available soon" (English edition obviously). In the Horde section there is a Horde starter card set which is what I thought I had but the image suggests four mission and four tactical cards so I'm a little confused.

Anyone care to offer some advice/clarity?

Thank in advance.
Basically you can use all Tactical Cards an Mission Cards unless there isn't mentioned some sort of restriciton on them.
I'd love to know what is in the new packs (as I have asked here ) but I haven't gotten any answer yet. I think those packs should be available by now but the text hasn't changed.
The Image on the Hord Card Deck is a dummy picture (It actually shows the cards from the Jokers Starter).
You can, as Kamaro says, use all mission and tactical cards that don't have a faction symbol on them, so I suggest downloading the cards from here:
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