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My Bamakas - Rabbitz - 05-21-2011 12:39 PM

My first foray into Eden. Cant wait to get a game in.

[Image: EdenB1.jpg]

Not really sure what to do with the bases so open to ideas. Huh

RE: My Bamakas - JMS - 05-21-2011 02:13 PM

They look really good; the bright blues really make them stand out.

As to the bases, I'd probably go for greys (or sand colour), rather than browns. If you have too much brown, you'll only notice those blues.

RE: My Bamakas - Matapo - 05-22-2011 05:59 PM

These miniatures look really good. Like them much.
So for the bases I also would choose a sand coloured base scheme. Something like the colour of the background from your photo, I also think an contrast colour is the best choice.
And stones, pre apocalypse stuff, bones or something like this.

RE: My Bamakas - GudĂș - 06-21-2011 06:00 PM

Atomic blue rules Smile

RE: My Bamakas - Taban - 06-24-2011 02:17 PM

Nice work there Wink
The red stripes of the snake are really strange : have you used fluorescent paint ?
For the base I agree with the other posters, use someting neutral and light to contrast with the models that are painted with rather dark tones

RE: My Bamakas - bruiser - 06-26-2011 07:57 AM

very nice

RE: My Bamakas - Kryptovidicus - 06-27-2011 03:29 AM

I really like them. Altough I would have taken a little more color difference between the wood and the skin.