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The MLD product compressors have been specially designed for those who want a quality unit at a decent price.
The specific design of the MLD product range make it suitable for long work with any type of airbrush. With thierr very low noise level, you can use them anywhere without disturbing those working nearby !
Air flow - Intake : 23 liters / minute
Maximum pressure: 2.8 bars
Noise level: 40 dB (A)
Weight: 4.100 kgs
compressor outlet eighth
Dimensions: 24.5cm x 15.5cm x 17cm
2 year warranty
Dry piston compressor without oil
Thermal protection that automatically stops the compressor in case of overheating.
Rubber feet to ensure good stability of the unit on the work plan

Free shipping in europe.

Caution due heavy weight+ shipping costs, we do not ship this product outside the EEU !

Also includes an Airbrush MLD RM205

the MLD product Airbrushes have been designed specifically for beginners looking for a quality device at an affordable price. The specific design of the head / nozzle / needle allow both the finest lines or to spray large surfaces.

3 nozzles and needles of 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 mm,
Top paint feeding (gravity)
Reinforced hose 1.80 m
Storage box.
Buckets of 5 ml with lid
Handle with adjustable needle stop
5 year warranty (back to workshop)
Operating pressure 1.5 bar


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