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Discover Escape, the boardgame in the Eden universe !
An easy strategic boardgame with 3 different gameplay !

Survive in the depths of LAB03 :
Fight on the Resistance side and force your way to the surface to build a new civilization in the ruins of the ancient world
Control the ruthless ISC drones to prevent the horrors of the Apocalypse aftermath from ruining the efforts of the IA to preserve the last survivors of humanity.

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An accessible and easy to play game! :
Campaign Mode
Unfold the board , grab the resistance or ISC pre-assembled miniatures and launch yourself into one of 10 thrilling missions of the campaign !
Each 30 minutes games outcome will determine your toward the next victory ...

The rules of the Escape campaign mode fit in 4 pages: simple basic mechanisms and great tactical depth that both player will discover along the story driven campaign

1-6 players ! :
Single player and co- operative
Whether alone or with friends, avoid the A.I. traps and incessant waves of drones. the Escape game system will automatically manage the ISC robots, while 1-4 human players share the resistance fighters .
Further Escape gaming extensions will increase the fun , allowing 2 more players to join the fight (for a total of 6 players around the table)

Package Contents :
your Escape game box contains :

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  • 2 x 60 * 60cm game boards, (one folding and one modular)
  • 26 pre-assembled plastic miniatures, sculpted and injected with incredible details
  • Over 70 tokens
  • 8 profile cards for the special characters
  • 21 cards repression cards tomanage the hordes of robots
  • 5 6-sided dice
  • an erasable marker
  • 1 reference and rules 24 pages booklet (english)
  • 1 missions and atmosphere 32 pages booklet (english)

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    a gateway to the EDEN universe
    The miniatures included in your Escape gamebox are compatible with the skirmishes game EDEN . So you can use them to push further the Escape gaming experience and live your own adventures in the wild world of Eden rule bookletes, one of the best miniatures wargame is at your fingertips!
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