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Via Facebook:

Taban Miniatures
Something big in the Eden sky in December !

[Image: 969283_425657847533772_1139551686_n.png]
Just clicked the Icon on the taban site and downloaded the grafic. The name is "Nephelim". Sounds great. Fallen angels next???
Ooh, intriguing! I was thinking that the release of the Escape boardgame would've been their big push this December, but they seem to have something else in store Smile
Jeah, Mohand told me on the Spiel that something would drop from the sky and every faction is going there to investigate. But no word on a new faction or campaign or something else. I wonder what it will be but I guess a new faction
Cant wait to see the style of this faction.
very excited . Will give me an excuse to buy some more models.

Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about a high-tech alien/ancient race faction. I've grown attached to my samurai robots, perverts and zombie-killers...
Yeah, I'm not thrilled with the concept of extra terrestrials, but I'll wait to see how they look. If I don't like them, I simply won't play them. As someone who only has three factions (at the moment) anyway, I don't mind picking and choosing.
[Image: 1460269_597984660249201_1871443330_n.jpg]
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