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:PHi all

After Kenton's 733T demo skillz I've taken the plunge.
I was hoping to get this done in time for tomorrow's scheduled game, but only got this far ...

[Image: Summer2012025.jpg]

I should have it finished this weekend so I can move on to the rest of my ISC and crush his pesky clowns.
Sheesh, that's utterly astounding! Looking extremely, good there, both the base and the tail. Seriously good work.
A couple more afternoons (after some heavy-duty gardening sessions) gets me here. Just dullcote, grass tufts and pigments then this one's done and it's on to the Black Shinobi and his hologram.
[Image: Mamushi001.jpg]
[Image: Mamushi002.jpg]
[Image: Mamushi003.jpg]
A stunning piece! I absolutely love the way you have done the hazard striped head and the yellow of the barrel works phenomenally well. Seriously good stuff!

How are you going to go about the hologram, btw? Did you get two of the mini and if so, what's your plan for the paint?
Truly a masterpiece Smile
Simple, nothing flashy, but it's awesome !
Looking forward to the next Wink
Wow i am amazed, truly a wonderful work of art..

I love the metals and the Warning colours on its head..

Awesome job.. Smile
After clearing a backlog of Rackham minis I've knuckled down and finished my basic ISC force.

Which one is the hologram?
[Image: Eden002_zps57562479.jpg]
[Image: Eden003_zpsd0a275bc.jpg]
[Image: Eden005_zpsaf1fd59f.jpg]
[Image: Eden004_zps7481ac06.jpg]
[Image: Eden008_zps3c232cef.jpg]
[Image: Eden009_zps9b890347.jpg]
Damn that's good stuff! I love the way you've gone with the hologram. The identical bases is a fun detail. I especially like the NMM on the arms of the darker one - a very nice tone.

I'm guessing that the lighter one is the holo (just due to the name of the model Big Grin)

As for the Yellow Komuso, that is again a stellar paintjob. Your NMM is simply awesome and the sorta muted colours that you've chosen fit the post-apocalypse like radioactivity fits a mutant. Absolutely brilliant!
All these figures are incredible!! Wonderful work on all of them. I particularly like, as others have noted, the mirrored base on the hologram. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
Excellent work !
I see you have a nasty ISC force there, these 4 can be really annoying Smile
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