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Dante profile contest
03-26-2014, 06:30 AM (This post was last modified: 03-26-2014 06:39 AM by Taban.)
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Dante profile contest
Taban Miniatures runs an Eden profile design contest this week ! ....

Let Eden players imagine thestats and special habilities of a wasteland legend ! Dante the Emancipated One...

[Image: sparta-1.jpg]

If you are on gladiators movies and a Spartacus fanboy, this one is for you !

Rules of engagement !
In order for your profile of this freedom fighter to stick to the
game universe, you must follow these indications:
- He must be a mercenary
- Every Matriarchy slave released up to now must be available
as recruit when he is part of a troop
- He must be balanced as well as possible and stick to the
universe of the game in general, and to the following story in
- Your profile must be posted in the dedicated contest and
events section of the Eden forum before the 31th of March :

- The Team Eden will be the judges
- Judgement will take into account the respect of the above

- You will receive 3 copies of the limited edition miniature
- And, of course, the eternal glory of making your contribution
to the world of Eden!

For more fun and details, read Dantes background story here !

Note that this miniature will be limited to conventions (Including the upcoming Salute 2014) and award for the winners of tournament run in retail stores !
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03-27-2014, 02:08 AM
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RE: Dante profile contest
Here are the updated rules for the contest. The pdf and the above post are (unfortunately) from an older version of the rules, so please disregard those.
The following rules are the ones you must take into account Smile

In order for your profile of this freedom fighter to stick to the game universe, your profile must follow these indications:
- He must be balanced as well as possible
- He must fit the miniature
- He must stick to the universe of the game in general and to the following story in particular
- You can submit more than one profile, but only the latest one will be taken into account
- Your profile must be posted in the dedicated section of the Eden forum before midnight of the 31st of March

[Image: subnorm_wide.jpg]
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03-28-2014, 10:55 PM (This post was last modified: 03-28-2014 10:56 PM by Lemminkäinen.)
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RE: Dante profile contest
Here's my humble submission.

Dante - Human (Change) 30 points
PSI - 5/3 OOOOO - 1
CBT - 5/4 OOOOOO - 2,3
VIG - 4/3 OOOOOO - 4,5
SPE - 5/3 OOOOO - 6
Equipment : Patchwork armor (Pr): Torso +1.

Mercenary (perm)
A fighter with this ability has no Faction symbol. This allows him to ignore the Faction type restriction when creating your troop and therefore include him in any Faction type troop (however he is not considered to be part of the Faction in which he is recruited for any other game effects). If he is recruited in a Faction type troop, his PSI is divided by 2 when calculating the reserve of SP.

Emancipator (perm)
If your force includes Dante, you may hire any Matriarchy Slaves ignoring all hiring limitations.

Barbaric Sadism (perm)
When Dante eliminates an opponent fighter, any other opponent fighter at 10cm or less from Dante must perform a PSI roll with difficulty level of 4. Those who fail to pass this test receive a Fear marker.

Inspiring Liberator (action), (2SP, 1/round)
An allied slave located 10cm or less from Dante performs a Charge or Attack action immediately paying the AP cost as normal.

Fifth Sphere (action), (2SP, 1/match)
Choose an allied fighter 10cm or less from Dante. If the chosen fighter Incapacitated this round due to damage inflicted by an opposing fighter, you receive VP equal to 30 minus the Value of the chosen fighter.


Some thoughts on the design.

The Agenda of Change was rather a given. Reading the short story it is quite clear. The points cost - I wanted Dante to be a force to be reckoned with so it was either 30 or 35 IMO. I went with 30 as 35 is the realm of true legends and humans seldom seem to reach those heights.

The stats were quite straightforward. I gave a high PSI of 5 due to his leadership abilities, CBT 5 since I don't think he quite deserves a 6, VIG 4 as that is standard and SPD 5 to show that he is agile. Though I did put wounded SPD to 3 as a sort of confession to old war wounds surfacing once damaged.

The amount of health boxes is also rather standard, nothing extraordinary. One thing worth noting here, however, is his high "pain threshold" in the torso.

I also gave him Pr +1 to torso to account for the armor on the mini. I don't think that he has enough on his legs to warrant a +1 there.

Then the abilities.

Mercenary is of course standard.

For the Emancipator, I worded it IMO very simply. It also allows him to recruit, e.g., Rampart-man who would normally require a Templar or a Berserk who would need an Inquisitor normally (Wrath-man also, but his special makes him a bit difficult to use without an Inquisitor). This is a fairly powerful ability but since you won't be able to make use of the Slave-Sister synergies I don't think it's too bad (Rampart-man for example is hit hard here).

Barbaric Sadism is simply because Dante is holding decapitated heads. It's usually not a game-changing ability but more of a flavour thing, really. Another standard ability so nothing fancy.

Inspiring Liberator - I wanted some synergy with the Slaves. At first I thought Rage counters but the story didn't really give that sort of impression on Dante leading the emancipated. Then I thought of simply giving a CBT bonus but that is sorta boring and can be very powerful on some slaves. So I ended up with Dante being able to command a close-by Slave to action, which fits my view of a leader. This is a nice ability since Dante's speed is high while many slaves have lower SPD values. I also have high respect for "chain activations" in Eden and even though this is not a full chain activation (like Magdalene's, for example) it is still powerful. 2SP seems like a suitable cost.

Finally, I wanted something that didn't have to do with Slaves but that was really nifty. Something that would give an interesting choice to make during the game. I think that Eden has been really good with these sorts of off-the-wall ideas that really pump up the urge to play so I wanted to continue in that grand tradition.

The name Fifth Sphere comes from Dante's Divine Comedy (the Fifth Sphere, or Mars, of Paradiso houses the Warriors of Faith) and the effect represents essentially martyrdom. The way it was done makes it a fun balancing act between choosing an important but costly ally versus choosing a minor but cheap ally, which is worth more VP. Hopefully the name isn't too obscure - it could be simply Martyrdom instead, but I rather liked the reference.

As for the length - that is quite a bit of text. Barbaric Sadism is the one I would drop if needed, but I compared this to Blue Henro and my Dante has 1183 characters while Blue Henro has 1432, so I think it should fit.

Whew! If you made it this far - congratulations! Thank you for reading and thank you to Taban for hosting this contest.

Resistance is non-futile.
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03-31-2014, 04:01 PM
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RE: Dante profile contest
Hey guys!

Just sneaking in a quick entry to the contest...

Dante the Emancipator - Human (Change) - 25 Points
PSI 5/3 oo/oo
CBT 5/4 ooo/oo
VIG 5/6 oo/oooo
SPE 4/3 ooo/oo

Equipment: Cuirass(Pr): Torso +1


Emancipator (perm)
If your force includes Dante, you may hire any Slave ignoring all hiring restrictions. Dante may not be hired in Matriarchy forces and may not be hired in a Stigma group if it contains any Matriarchy models that are not of the Slave type.

Rallying Cry (perm) (2SP, 1/match)
Remove a Fear marker from each allied fighter than has at least one.

Reinforcement (perm) (1AP+2SP, 2/match, 1/round)
Place in your deployment zone an allied Matriarchy Slave fighter whose value is not over 10 points and that is not or has not yet been on the field this match. He becomes an allied fighter you control. This ability cannot be used neither during the first round nor during the last round of the match.

Alright, some comments.

First, the cost/stigma/type. Human only makes sense. Change - well, he's seeking to Change the hierarchy of the Matriarchy and their social order. Again, seems pretty clear. His cost - he's packing a particularly powerful ability, but unlike Piotr he's unable to leverage it as effectively; otherwise, he's a pretty straight forward melee beater. He boosts his VIG very high if opponents are unlucky enough to chip his torso (extra punishment for attacks on the torso), but in this regard, his armour is negative synergy there. It is to symbolise how tough Dante is, even if it won't come into play often.

His equipment - he's wearing the remnants of gladiatorial armour, he's obviously inspired by Spartacus.

His abilities - first, as a philosophy, I didn't want to create a new ability for him. Eden already has a lot of abilities and there's tremendous depth available by simply pairing existing ideas together with slight twists. Already, his Emancipator ability makes him fairly unique so extra items might make him hard to balance.

Emancipator allows him to bring along Slaves to the group in which he is hired, which, given he frees slaves, feels pretty flavourful. Given he doesn't have access to the Sister cards and abilities, he can't get full use out of the slaves, which is important to recognise.

On Dante, Rallying Cry is to symbolise his leadership abilities and it helps to cover one of the weaknesses of low PSI characters like Slaves.

Finally, Reinforcement. This is hands-down perfect for Dante: just like Piotr, he can bring in Slave reinforcements to the fight. The big thing to recognise here is that he can't leverage his ability as well as Piotr - for starters, Mercenary means he is contributing far less SP to the group. Second, he can't extend the game out a round, so can't get the full benefit when you consider the limits to this abliity (not first/last round). It is also worth noting that this ability limits his ability to get into melee combats and wreck face. Nonetheless, it can put pressure on and translate into victory points and it will look freaking awesome when you have the slaves coming onto the field!

Thanks for looking!
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