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English Errata
07-23-2014, 01:08 PM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2014 01:15 PM by JMS.)
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English Errata
Hi guys,

So, I've decided to compile and translate the Eden errata to English. I've been going through the French resources - funnily enough, the French site has an English FAQ document that lists one batch of erratum. I'll include the text of that PDF in this thread.

In this post, I'll include a list of all the cards that have been changed at least once (I'll omit the typos and errors like the wrong icon on Ndulu though). In the next post, I'll include the FAQ text. In the third post, I'll include the updated card text (may take a day or two to do it all).

Please be aware of a few caveats. First, my list may not be exhaustive. If you know of other errata, please let me know and I can make the updates. Second, none of the text presented here is official (except the text of the FAQ pdf, which is a Taban document): these are my interpretations of the text. I'm hoping that the spirit of the changes will be preserved here, but please, again, don't hesitate to correct me.



Gwala and Amagudu

Sister Ilona
Sister Gracianne
Sister Kandjara
Pain Man
Sister Melyne

Grey Daimyo
Green Mamushi
Green Konchu
Yellow Gaki
Grey Shogun



Lycal (all profiles)

Almeh Askari

Contaminated Area
Makeshift Repair
Multiple Attacks
Twist of Fate
Savagery of the Black Knight

The Traitor
The Four Winds
DGIN Gun Turrets


Sacred Hunt


Pagan Idols

The Container

Following the Tracks
FAQ (From the official document - likely there are other FAQs somewhere, but I haven't looked for them yet)


II.1.1.Blast equipement
Q : What is the length of the 'Blast' template ?
A : 10 cm/4 in.

II.1.2.Field dimension
Q : Is it possible to play on a field with a square surface bigger than 60 cm/24 in ? If so,
what is the maximum square surface which doesn't cripple the game interest ?
A : It is possible to play on a bigger field than what is prescribed. Nonetheless, it is unwise
to play on a field with at least one side bigger than 90 cm/36 in.

II.1.3.Mission objectives
Q :If a Mission objective is a zone (for example in the Land Protection), do the restrictions
and effects regarding objectives (Ngobo special deployment or the Contaminated area
placement, for example) have to be applied to the entire zone or just from the point
defining the zone ?
A : They have to be applied to the entire zone. It is not possible to deploy Ngobo or place a
Contaminated area closer than 20 cm/8 in from the center of the field if someone plays the
Land protection for example.

Q : What happens if the Mission obective's zone is the entire field, like in Reconnaissance
or The Territory ? Can't I play Ngobo or place a Contaminated area at all ?
A : We consider there are three different Mission objectives that affects such things as
Ngobo deployment or the CA tactical card. A) Markers, pretty easy. B) Zone, we cover this
in the former question. C) Field. If a Mission objective is the entire field, then all
restrictions and effects considering deployment or placement are ignored. The only
Missions with Field type Mission objectives are : Reconnaissance, The Territory.

II.1.4.Scenery elements size
Q : What is the minimum and maximum size for a scenery element ?
A : There is no specific restrictions regarding the size of a scenery element. The ideal size
lies between 1 cm/0.39 in for the smallest side and 20 cm/8 in for the biggest side. Keep in
mind that scenery elements must be placed at leat at 5 cm/2 in from each other and from
any objective marker, so have some spare elements just in case you cannot place your big
ruins :-)

II.2.1.Action ability and contact
Q : Can a fighter use an Action ability if he is in contact with an opponent fighter ?
A : Yes, unless the contrary is clearly stated in the Special ability description.

II.2.2.Action and Movement
Q : Can I make different actions at the same time during the activation of a fighter (for
example, start a Move action, move 5 cm/2 in, make an Attack action with shooting
equipment, then finish my Move action with the remaining 5 cm/2 in) ?
A : No, each Action must be completed before making a new one.

II.2.3.Activation order after an interruption
Q : Once the activation of an interrupting fighter is over, must I activate the fighter which
was interrupted or can I activate a different fighter ?
A : You can activate a different fighter if you want, being interrupted has no effect on the
former fighter(s).

II.2.4.Allied fighter targeting
Q : If one fighter can target an 'allied fighter', with a Special abitlity for example, can he be
the target himself ?
A : No, unless the opposite is clearly stated.

II.2.5.Attack following a withdrawal movement
Q : Does an attack executed against a fighter who failed his withdrawal roll count toward
the two per round attack limit ?
A : Yes.

II.2.6.Climb down a scenery element
Q : It is possible to climb up a scenery element with the Climbing(X) special rule, but what
if I want to go down ?
A : The Climbing(X) special rule is applied the same way for climbing up or coming down.II.2.7.Contact

Q : Is it compulsory to make a Charge action in order to be in contact with an opponent
fighter ?
A : Yes, unless a special ability clearly states the opposite (remember that card rules
overrule book rules).

II.2.8.Create his troop
Q : Can I field the same fighter twice ? What if two different profils have identical names ?
A : A given fighter, with a given name cannot be field twice. It also applies to NPF, unless a
special ability clearly states the opposite (remember that card rules overrule standard

II.2.9.Dodge and ranged attack
Q : Can I make a Dodge reaction against a ranged attack ?
A : No.

II.2.10.Dodge Permanent ability
Q : When using this ability, must the fighter make the whole 10 cm/4 in movement or can
he move less ?
A : You must make the whole movement, making detour if you have to avoid scenery
elements and/or other fighters. And yes, it can land you in a Contaminated area.

Q : What happens if the charging opponent fighter comes in contact with two fighters, one
with the Dodge Permanant ability and one without, and chooses to target the one without
the ability ? Can I still use my ability although my fighter is not the 'real' target ?
A : No, in order to use this ability, a fighter must be the target of the Charge action.

Q : As I am using this ability once the opponent fighter is in contact with my fighter, should
I perform a SPD roll for withdrawal ?
A : Yes.

Q : Must a fighter be free in order to use this ability ?
A : No

II.2.11.Fear and withdrawal movement
Q : When a fighter makes his SPD roll before his withdrawal movement, if he is in contact
with two opponent fighters, one of which has a Fear marker and the highest SPD between
the two, does he still make his SPD roll against the highest SPD or is the frightened fighter
ignored ?
A : The highest SPD is always taken into account, even if the fighter with the highest score
has a Fear marker.

II.2.12.Fighter Types
Q : If a fighter has more than one Type (for example Human and Slave), can he be targeted
by a game effect which applies to only one of the Types ?
A : Yes.

II.2.13.First player
Q : Who is the First player throughout the game ?A : The First player stays the same during Preparation, Tactical and Intendancy phase, but
he changes during Activation phase. During this phase, the First player is the player who is
currently activating a fighter, once the interruption process is over. Note that the First
player throughout Intendancy phase is the last First player of the Activation phase.

II.2.14.Gaining AP
Q : A fighter who uses all of his AP before being properly activated is considered as already
activated, but what happens if he regains AP later in the round ? Can I activate him
normally ?
A : No, a fighter cannot be activated once he spent all of his AP, during his activation or
not. If he regains AP after 'being activated' (normally or because of other game effects), he
still cannot be activated, he just has AP left in order to defend himself or use Permanent

II.2.15.Hiding in a scenery element
Q : How does the Hiding Special rule work exactly ?
A : A fighter has to be in contact with the scenery in order to use this special rule. He must
stand more than 15 cm/6 in from any opponent fighter and make a Move action, but
doesn't move (we consider he is searching a good hiding spot in the scenery). Once he has
made that action, he is 'hidden'. As long as he stays in contact with the scenery and is free,
he keeps being 'hidden' and can make any type of Action or use any Special ability without
revealing himself. As long as he is 'hidden', the opponent fighters cannot target him with
any Action or Action ability if they stand at more than 5 cm/2 in from your 'hidden' fighter.

Q : When my Leader is incapacitated, do I lose all of my remaining SP ?
A : No.

II.2.17.Line of sight
Q : Do I need a line of sight on my target when I use a Shaman Action ability ?
A : No.

Q : Do I need a line of sight when performing a ranged attack with a Blast equipment ?
A : No.

II.2.18.Multiple tactical cards
Q : Can I play more than one Tactical card during a Tactical phase ?
A : No.

II.2.19.Non-Players Fighters
Q : How many attacks can a NPF perform during a round ? During Intendancy phase ?
A : There is no limit to the number of Response reaction a NPF can perform when it is
attacked. During the Intendancy phase, it can only perform one action between the three
that are available to it, unless the opposite is clearly stated.

Q : What happens if a NPF receive a Fear marker ? A Slowdown marker ?
A : A NPF with a Fear marker cannot perform any Response reaction, it automatically
performs a Passive reaction, and it can only make a Prowl action during Intendancy phase
if it is free. Slowdown markers have no effects on a NPF.

Q : Is it possible to perform a Loot the dead action (Plunder Mission) on a dead NPF, or a
Capture action on a NPF ?
A : No, NPFs are not taken into account for Mission objective purposes, unless the opposite
is clearly stated in the Mission card (so far, only the Sacred Hunt). Note that they still are
considered opponent fighters and that they can prevent fighters from performing actions
or permanent abilities that require to be 'free'.
Clarifications concerning the Charge action of a NPF : the target is always the
closest fighter available. If two or more fighters are equally close, the First player decides
which one is targeted. The Charge action of a NPF is not the same action than the one
described in the Activation phase, due to a little mistranslation. Let's call it Hunt from now
on. Therefore, when a NPF makes a Hunt action, any Special ability or game effects
triggered by a Charge action (the Dodge Permanent ability of Yuri or the Dissonant prayer
Permanent ability of the Yellow Komuso for examples) are ineffective.

II.2.20.Pass the hand
Q : Is it possible to pass the hand more than once during the same round ?
A : Yes.

II.2.21.Ranged attack and alteration of the location roll
Q : Can I spend all my successfull CBT rolls in order to alter the location roll or must I keep
at least one successfull roll, like for the melee attack ?
A : For a ranged attack, you can spend all your successfull rolls in order to alter your
location roll.

Q : Does a Reaction count as an activation ?
A : No.

II.2.23.Simultaneous effects resolution
Q : What is the order of resolution of two opposite effects that should apply at the same
time (for example, if Vlädd charges Ilona, what is applied first, the Brutal charge
Permanent ability or the Black Order honour guard Permanent ability) ?
A : The First player always decides which effect is applied first, unless the opposite is
clearly stated.

II.2.24.SP bidding
Q : Can I bid 0 SP ?
A : Yes.

II.2.25.Template weapons
Q : Do scenery elements block weapons using templates, such as Blast equipment or
Explosive(X) effect ?
A : No, unless the scenery element has the Impenetrable special rule.

Q : Is there a difference between the template used for a Blast equipement and the
Explosive(X) effects ?
A : Yes, the template used for the Blast equipment is the template shaped like a tear, the
round template is used for Explosive(X) effects and special ability such as the SeppukuAction ability of the Carmin Samuraï. The tear shaped template is only used for Blast

3.Mission cards
Q : Can I use Mission cards included in another starter/blister than the ones of my troop ?
A : Yes, you can, unless the Mission is clearly restricted to a specific faction (see Rules,
page 7, § 6).

Q : When do I have to tell my opponent what my Type of Deployment is ?
A : When you deploy your troop.

Q : Can I use the Capture Action ability against a NPF ?
A : No.
Some clarifications for this Mission, as we couldn't put all the text on this small card.
–The Capture Action ability follows all the rules applying to Action abilities. It can only be
used during the activation of a fighter, not during a Response reaction or a Charge action
and not if your fighter has at least one Fear marker. So you must already be in contact with
an opponent fighter before you can use this Action ability.
–A captured fighter normally receives his AP during Intendancy phase, even if he cannot be
activated. But if he is freed at any time, he can be activated and played normally from then
–Victory Points do not depend on the number of opponent fighters captured. You score
only once, no matter how many fighters are captured, and you cannot combine VP for
fighters in your Deployment zone and outside of it. So the maximum VP is 100. Yes, it's a
difficult Mission.
–If a fighter with a captured opponent fighter in contact is targeted by a ranged attack with
shooting equipment, the captured fighter can be hit normally if the number of successes is
–If the opponent Leader is captured, he is not considered incapacitated or removed from
the Field. Therefore, you bet SP normally at the beginning of each round and your
opponent can play Tactical cards.
–A captured fighter cannot be the target of any Action or Special ability from any fighter.
–A captured fighter is not affected by Tactical cards, unless the opposite is clearly stated on
the card. Tactical cards have no effect on a captured fighter.
–A captured fighter is not taken into account for Tactical cards effects, be it to determine
the effects on other fighter(s) or all of them.
–If the 'Below the Belt Blow' Tactical card is played, a captured fighter stays captured,
although the Capture Action ability is ineffective. You just cannot perform this action when
this Tactical card is in play.
–A captured fighter is not taken into account for the purpose of VP for the opponent
owning the captured fighter.

II.3.3.D.G.I.N. Gun Turrets
Q : If a Turret performs a ranged attack on a fighter in contact with an opponent, does the
rule for odd number of successes apply (so can I hit one of my fighters when deactivating a
turret) ?
A : Yes, it applies.

Q : Can I use successes on the CBT roll of a turret in order to alter the location roll ?
A : No.

Q : If an opponent fighter is incapacitated because of a Turret's ranged attack, do I score
VP if my Mission is, for example, the Trap ?
A : Yes, if one of your fighter was the one deactivating the said Turret.

II.3.4.Holy relics
Q : Can an opponent fighter pick up a Relic marker ?
A : Yes.

Q : Is a corpse marker removed from the Field after one (or more) Action of Loot the dead
targeted it ?
A : No, a corpse marker stays on the Field until the end of the game.

Q : Is a corpse marker placed when a NPF is incapacitated ?
A : No.

4.Tactical cards
Q : Can I use Tactical cards included in another starter/blister than the ones of my troop ?
A : Yes. Tactical cards can be freely chosen, but some effects target specific fighters (Type,
faction,...), so be sure to have targetable fighter(s) for your Tactical cards !

II.4.2.Bamaka clan warcry
Q : While this card is in play, I hit an opponent fighter in the arm location with three
successes on my CBT roll, but he only has one unchecked CP in this location. How many SP
do I get, one or three ?
A : You get one SP, same number of CP your target actually checked.

II.4.3.Contaminated area
Q : How does it work exactly ?
A : A non Mutant fighter will lose CP if : you activate him while he's already in the zone ;
for each Charge and/or Move action he makes that passes, even partially, through the

Q : If a non Mutant fighter is in a Contaminated area but is not activated during the round,
does he still lose CP ?
A : No, he only takes wounds if he is activated or/and if he moves out.

Q : Can I target an opponent fighter with this card ?
A : Yes.II.4.5.Inhuman force

Q : If a non human fighter already lost one or more CP, can he still benefit from this
Tactical card ?
A : Yes, the 'no wound' requirement only applies from the moment you play the card.

Q : Do the effects of this card last until the end of the game if my fighters don't lose any CP
throughout the game ?
A : No, all Tactical cards' effects end during Intendancy phase (step 11), Inhuman force has
an additional requirement (no wound) because it is a very strong bonus. The only
exception concerns Condition markers coming from Tactical cards. These markers are
treated like normal Condition markers, so they are not automatically removed during the
step 11 of Intendancy phase.

II.4.6.Multiple attacks
Q : Does the Action ability 'Multiple attacks' counts toward the maximum 2 attacks each
round ?
A : No.

Q : What happens if I move my chosen fighter further than 10 cm/4 in before my
opponent's provoked fighter is activated ?
A : Your opponent's fighter can be activated normally. But if he comes within Charge
action range during his activation and he has enough AP, the Provocation effects applies

Q : What happens if the provoked opponent fighter moves further than 10 cm/4 in outside
of his activation (Retreat Tactical card or allied Special ability for example) ?
A : Your opponent's fighter can be activated normally (unless you move your chosen fighter
within 10 cm/4 in of the provoked opponent fighter before he is activated). But if the
provoked fighter comes within Charge action range during his activation and he has
enough AP, the Provocation effects applies immediately.

Q : Must I make a Charge action first upon activating my fighter or can I do something else
beforehand ?
A : The Charge action must be the first Action of your fighter.

Q : Can I target two fighters already in contact ? What happens then ?
A : Yes, you can. The Tactical card's effects will then be triggered if the provoked fighter
performs a move Action away from your fighter (and if he still has enough AP left).

Q : Can I play this card if my chosen fighter and the opponent's provoked fighter are within
10cm/4 in of each other but there is no way the provoked fighter can reach my chosen
fighter (for example, a scenery element stand between them and going round it would
require a Move action first) ?
A : Yes, you can play the card. But in order to be effective during the activation of the
provoked opponent fighter, you would have to move your chosen fighter within Charge
action range.

Q : Must I activate a provoked fighter ?
A : No.

Q : What happens if a fighter uses the Dodge Permanent ability when a provoked opponent
fighter Charges him ? Must the provoked fighter make another Charge action if he has
enough AP ?
A : Yes, the provoked fighter must Charge if he can.

II.4.8.Reasoned sacrifice
Q : Do I automatically lose the 10 VP or does it apply only if the chosen Slave type fighter is
removed from play ?
A : Only if the Slave is removed from play because of this card.

III.1.1.Blue Rikishi
Q : When using the shock Action ability, are the fighters (allied or opponent) considered as
obstacles ? What about the edges of the Field, can I push a fighter outside the Field ?
A : Fighters are considered as obstacles, but note that obstacles, fighters or scenery, do not
take damage when hit by a pushed fighter. You cannot push a fighter outside of the Field,
the edges of the Field are considered as obstacles.

Q : When using the Kinetic destruction, the CBT value of the Rikishi becomes equal to its
VIG and so does the target's CBT of the Charge, but what if the target can claim a CBT
bonus (Techno-killer Permanent ability for example) ? Does it apply before or after the
change ?
A : The First player decides if the bonus applies before or after the switch (so most often,
before the change in this case).

III.1.2.Green Mamushi
Q : Why does the Green Mamushi have one white CP in the Arm and Torso locations if
nothing can affect these locations ? What happens if it moves in a Contaminated area or is
under a Blast template ?
A : The Arm and Torso locations of the Green Mamushi are never affected by anything that
would result in a wound. So if it is affected by a Contaminated area or a Blast equipment, it
only loses one CP in the Head and Leg locations. It only has a CP in these locations because
the rules (see p. 5, §5) states that if a fighter has no unchecked CP in a limb, he is
incapacitated (therefore it would die the moment it is deployed without those CP and that
would be useless :-)

III.1.3.Yellow Komuso
Q : If I fail my PSI opposition roll against the Yellow Komuso when trying to charge him,
my Charge action becomes a Move action, but does it cost me 2 AP or 1 AP ?
A : You make a Move action instead of a Charge action, so you only have to spend 1 AP.

Q : What happens if the charging opponent fighter comes in contact with the Yellow
Komuso and another fighter and chooses to target the one without the Dissonant prayer
ability ? Must he still make a PSI opposition roll against the Komuso although it is not the
'real' target ?
A : No, in order for the Dissonant prayer Permanent ability to be effective, the Yellow
Komuso must be the target of the Charge action.

Q : Can I block the access to an objective marker when using the Smoke bomb, by placing
the template right above the marker ?
A : No.

Q : Can I play Mishka in a Stigma type troop even if it doesn't have a Stigmata ? What if I
have a Tamer in the troop ?
A : No, Mishka cannot be played in any Stigma type troop.

Q : In order to benefit from the Double strike Permanent ability (+3 CBT bonus), do I have
to make at least one wound on the first attack ?
A : No.

Q : When performing a Dodge reaction against an attack with the Double strike bonus,
does the opponent fighter consider his roll to have a difficulty of 3 (original CBT of
Vassiliev) or 6 (boosted CBT), of course if Vassiliev is not wounded in the arms ?
A : The difficulty takes the Double strike bonus into account.

Q : If Vassiliev no longer has unchecked CP in his 'Unicycle' limb, what happens if he gets
hit in this location ?
A : Nothing, your opponent must alter his location roll in order for his attack to do

Q : Is the Disproportionate power Permanent ability always applied or only on the target(s)
of Yorg's melee attack
A : It is always applied to any opponent fighter in contact with Yorg.

Q : When using the Parade Permanent ability, Dacké gets the Sacred shield equipment.
Does this equipment replace the Shield on his card or does it add up ?
A : It adds up, therefore giving him a Protection value of +1 in the head and legs and +2 in
the arms and torso.

Q : Can I deploy Ngobo normally or must I use the Concealment Permanent ability ?
A : You must use the Concealment ability.4.Matriarchy

III.4.1.Sister Melyne
Q : Can I use the Sneaky trick Permanent ability when Sister Melyne is the target of a
Response reaction ? A Charge action ?
A : No and yes.

Q : Can I use the Sneaky trick Permanent ability when Sister Melyne is the target of a
ranged attack ?
A : Yes, but not if the ranged attack is made with a projectile or blast equipment.

Q : Does the Assassin of the Order Permanent ability apply when performing a Response
reaction ? A Charge action ?
A : No and yes.

Q : What happens if my Wrath-man is 20 cm/8 away of an allied Inquisitor type fighter
and charges an opponent fighter who uses the Dodge Permanent ability ? Does he get to
make a Move action although he is not allowed to do it ?
A : No, the cards overrule the book, so the Wrath-man cannot move at all. If his target uses
the Dodge Permanent ability, the Wrath-man stays at his intial place and keep all his AP.
And I'm just reserving this last post for the text on the errata....
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07-24-2014, 12:33 AM
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RE: English Errata
Thank you so much! Great work!
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