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Bamaka : a quick story
02-21-2012, 08:02 AM
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Bamaka : a quick story
I thought some people would enjoy some background stories, so I started translating some texts from the french side.
We'll start with the Bamaka clan and their origins in this brief overview.
Feel free to comment and correct the mistakes (Kenton, if you read me Wink ) so I can improve my english Big Grin

Origins : The Myth of Babakar
The Bamaka Clan's roots lie in Africa. The story of its long journey toward the North and the partially dried Mediterrean Sea is an epic-tale with many tragic events, but is also transfigured by the survivors' heroism. As for the clan's origin, it is known through a myth which becomes confused with the Apocalypse itself, the myth of Babakar.

Few people remember the troubled times before the great tide of fire that engulfed the surface of the Earth. Bad memories anyway, nothing but atrocities and hopelessness. The heart of Mankind had stopped beating way before the bell toll. Human rights didn't mean a thing anymore to the overproud nations which fought for the resources of the black continent.

Which totalitarian regime first came up with the idea of using eugenics to create genetically enhanced soldiers ? What matters is that it was followed by its rivals, and transgenic technics were tested on a massive scale in death camps which covered Africa by then, like a scorching net of suffering and inhumanity.

High-resistance to viruses, toxic agents, tiredness and pain ; reaction, coordination, sense perception enhancement : those were the objectives of the projects using EVA (Enhancing Viral Agents). The genetic pool of the african fauna was exploited, unholy experiments were undertaken in secret laboratories. The first guinea-pigs died of devastating cancer or orphan diseases, their fate written down in registers, burnt since then, a cold after-life of identification numbers and autopsy reports.

As the technical knowledge improved, some people realised that the viruses used to alter the gene pool worked better on pre-pubescent children. Units of child-monsters, as efficient as they were fierce, got noticed pretty fast on the battlefields. A new step in the barbarian use of children. One of these children on the border of Humankind was named Babakar.

Torn from his family at an early age, facing horrors in the following monthes, the mental health of Babakar wavered many times, and he only owed his survival to his martial prowess as much as his iron will. He had some recollections of his people old religion, his ancestors talked to him, and he talked back. Alive with this supernatural force, he rose quickly through the ranks of his unit. He took part in special operations and brutal takeovers. When his ancestors foretold him the Wrath of Ngaï, the Sovereign Being, and the Sword of Fire that would engulf the world, he deserted and went back home, somewhere between Kenya and Tanzania, followed by his most faithfull monster pals. To them, his new people, he prophesized the Apocalypse.

And the Bamaka Clan rose up from the ashes. 'Bamaka' means 'Clan of the Warlord Babakar'. Babakar lead his clan up North. On his way, he met, defeated and assimilated other crowds of survivors, from various origins, absorbing people and customs alike. The journey took many long years. On a hill dominating Syracuse, an old and exhausted Babakar gave up his chiefdom to his heirs, the Chakas.

Babakar was a masaï, and he asked to have a predator burial, like a common man. His body was left naked on the ground, then he was coated with fat and blood, in order to attract carrion feeders. A great number of scavengers came to enjoy the feast, and among the people watching, some believed they saw the cloak of Ngai flying with the vutlures. In the end, even the bones disappeared.

Clan structure
Because of the high infant-mortality rate, induced by both the erratic mutations and the poor hygenic conditions, un child is not considered as a clan member before the third moon. At this time, we try to discover the type of mutation that will determine his caln usefullness, so that his training can start as soon as possible. It is no easy task however, and it requires close examinations as much as magical rituals. Some mutations, not the most common fortunately, can indeed lay dorment untill puberty. Children sharing close-related mutations are gathered in spiritual brotherhoods, which become their new family till death, or, if they live long enough, untill they become elders.

Women form a community of their own, in which they are teached combat and hunting skills just like the boys, but they leave this community when marrying and join the brotherhood of their husband. Some young women, the most skilled and/or the ones with special mutations, can delay their marriage and join the Amazons sisterhood, which fight alongside the men. Married women gifted with ability to 'sense' the water can join the sisterhood of the Spring. Sexuality among the clan is free, but child-bearing is only acknowledge within married couple, in order to keep track of the mutations. This is why marriages are decided very early and only between identical or compatible mutant-type, leaving no place for love. Each brotherhood or sisterhood has its own initatic rituals. Failure is not an option in those rituals, and those unfortunate enough to fail are simply cast away in the desert.

There is seven brotherhood in all, each with its own Chaka. The elders of the clan, called the Wise-ones, form an honorary brotherhood, devoted to teaching and judgement. Their Chaka is named Agaboko Stern-wrinkle, and even though he only is an advisor, he is the most revered Chaka, the one who trully decides of the clan fate.

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02-21-2012, 04:05 PM
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RE: Bamaka : a quick story
thanks Berf , its a good read.

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02-23-2012, 02:24 AM
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RE: Bamaka : a quick story
Oh nice!
Thanks for this Berf, can't wait for more!


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06-17-2012, 12:18 AM
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RE: Bamaka : a quick story
Great stuff! Keep it coming! Eden needs fluff!
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06-19-2012, 07:59 AM
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RE: Bamaka : a quick story
(06-17-2012 12:18 AM)Dangerousbeans Wrote:  Great stuff! Keep it coming! Eden needs fluff!

Especially ISC and Matriarchy fluff Tongue
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