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My missing base has turned up and my Indi package is now complete. Thank you to those that may have helped along the way. Have really enjoyed the game so far and even got to run some demo games for people with models but no experience with the rules.
I'm still waiting for my SJG Ogre KS project and thats been a over a year. I think Taban did a great job and I got my stuff early (I only got a few things) . Eden is a great game and I find it hard NOT to buy new Eden models ;-)
For the Convoy minis, they will be released during this year (with alternative sculpts), so the stats will be available for download (as soon as we resolve our current webmaster conundrum).
I can't say if there will be a special pack, but the seed is there now Smile
Will the Pantera get a special profile, too? That'd be awesome!
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