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(12-10-2012 04:18 AM)Sashgo Wrote: [ -> ]E: I know that you are on the french forum Lemminkäinen. Would you mind going there and PM someone about my problem. I looked it up and i can't do anything about it Angry
Oh, good idea - will do!

Edit: Sent.
Haven't got any mail yet but thanks to both of you Smile
i got mine and confirmed it (but email wasn't that clear whether you had to reply or it was the confitmation from Taban). it was the "Thank you to confirm" bit that confused me. I think it was suppose to be "Thank you, Please confirm"??

The email was

"Hello and thank you for your contribution to our Indigogo campaign!

Thank you to confirm the following information about your products, name and delivery address"

All good :-)
Hello everybody !

I'm really sorry that I didn't check these forums lately, unfortunately I'm really busy at work and I only visited the french part lately (mostly to annoy them as a matter of fact Smile )
So, to business :
Sashgo : I got you MP and asked Taban about that just this evening, so everything should be fine but don't hesitate to contact me if you don't receive a confirmation by Friday.
Eorl : the exclusive minis for the Convoy will definitely get cards, but I can't answer to how they will be purchasable. Probably a special set, or part of a set. As soon as we will decide that, you will be infomed. And the books have just arrived (I have mine right next to me as I write this Wink), so the first packages will be send in the following days.
Good night !
Hello Berf,

thanks a lot for the information. So everythink goes fine Wink For me I get the email fom Taban, so I just wait for the parcel Wink
Man the book looks good:

Very, very high quality.
Thanks berf.

I really appreciate that. Guess i'll promote some Eden these days Wink
Hi Berf,

I will relocate myself at Friday to an another address, I have sent an answer-mail to the sales@... address with the correct mailing address.
Could you tell me, if the book is on the way already or it is still by Taban?

My name: Zoltan Berkes


wow, book looks amazing (on video from above). Yaahoo I cant wait.
i got a confirmation today after replying to the initial email asking me to confirm.
So hopefully book its on the way. I only pledge for a rulebook as I have lots of models already.
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