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I have to say that the head of the starter box version is much better than the exclusive one. Maybe it's the picture but the goodie version seems not nearly as detailed as the normal one.
But the model itself looks awesome and i can't wait to see more of the Askari. I hope they have some big guys coming Wink

And is there a possibility that i pledge 1 € more? Because i can't put a 40 € model list together only an 41 €. (ISC)
I was wondering.... since the limited edition Askari will likely not be enough to make 100pts (or are they?), will the option be available for Indiegogo backers to get the other models that will be in the starter separately? (so I don't have to buy a starter only to have two or three of the models essentially useless?) Also, will the Askari mission/tactic cards be available to us? I really don't see the point of getting the limited editions if we have to buy the box anyway.

Also +1 for generic mission/tactic cards decks!
Oh, also, will the Askari limited editions come with all the options available or just the 'exclusive' ones? I ask because I prefer the 'non' limited edition female head, but prefer the limited edition arms.

Limited ed male is awesome though Smile
I just pledged.

But i'm kinda confused why the Kami and the Rikishi are priced 14 instead of 12 like in the shop?

If they are indeed 12 i have to change the models choosen Wink
Hi! A new member and all that jazz. But to the issue.

If the Askaris are a limited number faction, will the 3 I'll be receiving in the Aftermath Special perk be playable as a sort of a starter faction? I'd very much try to indoctrinate a couple of local friends here, but currently I have no Eden miniatures and the first ones I'll be getting are the ones in the Indiegogo perk
So I just got in on the action and got myself the aftermath special deal, but I'm a bit distressed.
I couldn't choose what language I wanted the book in or what starterbox/blisters I wanted?
How do I solve this?
@ Silveri : the three Askaris warriors represent the full content of the upcoming starter (miniatures-wise), so you will be able to play that faction with just the resins, but you will need the other cards, downloadable on the website soon enough Wink

@ Cassarus : you can tell what you want (minis, language, etc.) in the comment section of the Indiego' page Smile
Some more Jokers for me Smile
Fantastic news about the Askari! Awesome - I get a... fifth(?) faction. Hmmm. Better get painting the existing ones, I guess. Big Grin

The pics of the rulebook also look absolutely fantastic. It's going to be an absolutely killer-looking book.

And I like Nick as well. A very nice sculpt. I wonder how high the campaign will go.
Yeah, the problem with Nick is that I will have to start a Convoy crew to... XD
Hello, a quick question. Do you get Bastonne and Doc Legend with the aftermath special or do you have to take the my goodness perk as well?
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