Taban Miniatures is looking for retailers to sell its products worldwide !

With its original and addictive gaming system and dynamic releases plan, our EDEN range mets an ever growing player community. About 100 retailers worldwide are working with us.

Game Features
 A real skirmish game, fast-paced, bloody and tactical.
 Compact format : 3-6 miniatures per player, one-hour games on a 2’x2’ battlefield.
 A system of different missions for each player, making every single match a new experience.
 Open army lists with the possibility to create unusual compositions and nine resulting gameplay experiences.
 Short rules, easy to learn but hard to master.
 Tactical cards, influencing the action every turn and establishing a strategy before the battle via a deck building system.
 Wounds location affecting the fighters’ performances.
 Top quality pewter miniatures, sculpted by awards winning artists.
 An original background, mysterious yet classic.
 Optional rules taking into account all the parameters of a real battle (weather, scenery, unpredictable events, wild beasts, etc).

Eden in figures:
 6 months of testing to design the game and more than 50 games for each additional wave to ensure the balance of the game.
 100 retailers worldwide and new commercial partners every month.
 A range of 110 models with 40+ new releases planned in 2012.
 6 factions .
 5 tournaments per month in France.
 All the gaming material available in 4 different languages.

Besides our "EDEN" range we also propose resin bases and scenery elements "MadLab 73", and generic Fantasy and Post apo 32mm miniatures

Our miniatures are packaged in blisters fitting any shop display or can be sold bundled in ziplock bags for mail-orders sales or E-commerce shops

Feel free to contact us for more details and trade conditions at :



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