Here are the Outlines of our Skirmishes game EDEN. You can also download the whole rule booklet here

Game type and format

Eden is a Wargame for two players, played at skirmishes level (or squad level). When we have designed the rules, we were looking for a gaming system, fast, violent, highly tactical and easy to learn.

As a result, a match lasts 1 hour , with two bands of 3 to 10 fighters (100 army points) fighting over a 60 cm square battlefield (2 Ft square). The original missions and tactical system makes each single match a special gaming experience, and the simulation and tactical depth will evolve with the player mastery of the rules.


A typical Eden match is divided into 5 turns. At the end of these turns, each player checks how many victory points he has scored (depending on the mission he chose at the beginning). The player with the higher score wins. One can win by fulfilling his own objectives, or by preventing his opponent to succeed.





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