The missions, the strategy points and the tactical hand

In Eden, the players do not have to choose a scenario before beginning the game. In each starter box are 4 mission cards, and some are included in the re-enforement blisters. (Which makes 30 single missions on the whole). At the start of the game, each player chooses a mission card which indicates the objectives they have to deal with (not only theirs, but also their opponent’s !). It will remain obviously possible to play future scenarios, but Eden system simply makes each game unique since the combinations of Missions cards are very numerous.

Lastly, at the beginning of the game, each player receives Strategy  Points(PS) that he will be able to use to begin a round, play his tactical cards (yes, they are not for free…) or to activate certain special capacities. A good management of this reserve is thus of primary importance !

Tactical Cards

In addition to the mission cards, the players also will choose strategic cards that will form a tactical hand during the game. They generally bring specific bonuses allowing the advised player to take a considerable advantage. Each player can choose a tactical number of cards equivalent in Psy of the leader of his warband (between 4 and 6 in general). Besides a light “deck-building” aspect, the use of these cards is really strategic since in addition to preparing the game by choosing their cards correctly, the players also will have to use them at the good time, knowing that each card can only be played once.




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